Jima (neojima) wrote,

Taking the Information Superhighway to, err, the rest stop


We at Minty Green Media are proud to announce the latest in Broadband Technology. Most consumers have at least heard of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Some of the more well-versed of you are familiar with FTTP (Fiber To The Premises). Today we bring to you an all-new concept: FTTTP!

Fiber To The Toilet Paper


To save others and myself some time, I'll pre-emptively answer some questions.

1. Yes, this is a joke.
2. Yes, that link light is on. The fiber is lit.
3. I was bored, and wondered how far my longest fiber optic cable went. It can actually reach from my computer room on the ground floor to my pile-o-boxen in the basement...the long way (those who've been to my house can somewhat understand how far that is). So if I needed to (cat5 b0rk4g3 in the wall), or, for whatever sick reason, wanted to connect the machines downstairs with fiber, I could. (I'd just have to deal with phemale killing me. Minor detail.)
4. The joke only occurred to me after I put the transceiver down on the nearest open surface (i.e., a roll of TP).

Now I'll sit back and wait for the venture capitalists to start calling. *crickets chirping*

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